RevServer deployment on OSX Server

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Sat Feb 19 06:01:13 EST 2011

Yes Bob, that's pretty much exactly how I was expecting the LiveCode sever deployment to work. Develop in the IDE, create a 'server stand alone' and deploy - the server then interprets the proprietary stacks and controls as standard HTML+CSS pages to serve to the visitors browser. 

That is how I understood the first clause (to the 'or') within the opening sentence in the revServer product description "Execute embedded tags in your Web pages on a server or run server side processes." 

It seems that my SaaS experience over the last 5 or so years allowed me to I misinterpret 'cross-platform' in the LiveCode world as being something more than thick-client deployment options. I was therefore over-optimistic when reading the revServer product. 

It's clear to me now that LiveCode can create rich and net-savvy desktop/mobile apps but it is fundamentally a (thick) client-server proprietary technology. For my initial focus area, my customers won't accept client-side installs. Also, I need an IDE that covers standards-based web pages and scripting. LiveCode can't offer this, so, in my thin-client web app scenario, revServer becomes just a blind CGI, with all the problems Jaque described.

I need to look elsewhere for my immediate needs - but we all live and learn! 

So, off to learn about Javascript, PHP, Flux... ;-)

On 19 Feb 2011, at 03:57, Bob Cole wrote:

> Read Keith's intended use of revServer, it reminded me of an old program called LiveCard distributed by Heizer Software in the late 1990's. Great name for a program, eh?
> I was fascinated by the idea when it came out but I didn't know enough about servers and the internet back then.
> Anyway, I Googled "LiveCard Heizer" and found this link: 
> which is an old TidBITS story.  Reading that article, you will see a description of how LiveCard used HyperCard stacks as a CGI. I wonder if this might be the kind of thing Keith wants.
> I don't know where to find the program.  Anyone have any experience with it?  Will revServer ultimately function similarly to the old LiveCard program?
> Bob
> P.S. Keith, thanks again for your blogs about deploying revServer.  Jacque's tutorial got me most of the way there but your descriptions helped over the last of my installation difficulties.
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