Saving datagrids

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The DG and the field are in a substack. The field saves just fine. The DG will not even allow itself to be written to.

My button script says, in essence, set the dgText of myDG to random(99), and put random(99) into fld myField.
The field gets a new number, the DG just sits there. Of course, the IDE stack works fine.

That is why I wondered whether the issue was saving or not. Since the DG data does not change, maybe in fact it IS saved, but since it is not ever changed, I misinterpreted the problem.


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dunbarx wrote: 
 > The forum thread had evolved to having to save the datagrid data in 
 > an external file, and reloading next session. That seems unfair. 
Unfair compared to what? 
AFAIK no modern OS lets an executable modify itself. 
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