Saving datagrids

dunbarx at dunbarx at
Fri Feb 18 14:28:56 EST 2011

This came up in the forum, trouble saving a datagrid in a standalone.  I glibly told the original poster that there should not be any issue.

To test I made a splash stack and a substack; the usual. The substack has a datagrid, a field and a button. The button put random numbers
into both the datagrid (via setting the dgText) and the field. The stacks are saved on closeStack.

After making the standalone, clicking the button loads data. But only the field data is saved. I checked back in the standalone
settings, and wonder if either I am missing something there, or datagrids do not save at all. The forum thread had evolved to having to save the
datagrid data in an external file, and reloading next session. That seems unfair.

Craig Newman

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