rewBrowser: Google maps not visible

JosepM jmyepes at
Fri Feb 18 12:49:22 EST 2011


I have this code:

      put CloseAllBrowsers()
      put the windowid of this stack into tWindowId
      put "'" & the
uUTF8Text of fld f_CLI_Poblacion & ", " & the uUTF8Text of fld
f_CLI_Provincia & ", " & the uUTF8Text of fld f_CLI_Pais &
"'&zoom=11&size=300x225&maptype=roadmap&sensor=false" into pURL
      launch URL pURL
      put revBrowserOpen(tWindowId, pURL) into tBrowserId
      if tBrowserID contains "error" or tBrowserId is not an integer then
         answer warning tBrowserId
         exit to top
      end if
      set the altBrowserID of this stack to tBrowserId
      revBrowserSet the altBrowserId of this stack, "rect", the rect of
image "browserimage"
      revBrowserRedraw the altBrowserId of this stack
   catch e
      answer e
   end try

The generated URL opened with launch URL show the map but the embeded into
the rewBrowser not.

Why? Any idea?


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