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Andre Garzia andre at
Fri Feb 18 08:35:39 EST 2011


I've built two little applications that I use all the time on my
Ubuntu installation. First is RPNCalc, I've tested many RPN
calculators for linux and never found one I liked, so I built mine.
Even though I face LiveCode integer limits, I most do simple
calculations and don't need much. For simple stuff, my calculator

You can see how it looks like here:
It is available on RevOnline as a stack and as a standalone for linux

It has all the simple arithmetic stuff plus a rolldown button and a
repeating T register. For my needs, it covers everything. (and it is

I've also built LocoSnap which is a simple screenshot tool that I use
alot from inside the LiveCode IDE and sometimes to take shots of other
stuff as well. It has some features to upload screenshots by FTP from
inside itself which rocks with clients. Very easy to use.

It looks like this:
It is available from RevOnline

Both stacks are tools, they are not complete but are more complete
than stuff I've seen shipped. The Calculator faces integer limits so
it should not be used for big int stuff. It could be augmented with
some GMP external but I am yet to build such beast. LocoSnap is
resizable, so I drag the image inside it near corners and resize it to
fit the image with some padding and then save, this way, my shots have
the correct size.

Both look good thanks to Chipps Interface Designer tool.

RPNCalc is my calculator on Ubuntu, on Mac OS X and I had it running
on iOS for a while but it was slow (RevMobile first alpha) so I
removed it, will maybe add it again. If you want to show cross
platform stuff, I can rebuild it for iOS and give you some shots, it
would amaze some people to see a software from a single codebase
running on macs, windows, linux and iOS even if it can't handle large

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