RevServer deployment on OSX Server

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Fri Feb 18 04:10:20 EST 2011

Thanks for the clarification Jaque.

So, my expectations for the shipping version weren't too far off - as it would allow development using stacks (as with the desktop apps) and upon deployment to the server, a standard browser would be able to interact with the UI-specific, stack pages on the server, without the need for the rev web plugin. Revlets could be deployed in place of Flash/Air to add capabilities not supported by the HTML+CSS+irev feature set. This is the specific set of capabilities I wanted when I decided to invested in LiveCode and revServer to develop web-based applications last autumn.

<rant>Still, this talk of the mythical shipping version is all rather academic as the state of the art is that against the product spec, revServer simply doesn't exist - it's less functional than the old 3.5 CGI. There have been no new versions released, the current engine is still dated June 2010 and the mothership is very quiet on the subject, other than 'jam tomorrow' when tomorrow has passed. From bitter experience, I'm not going to build my customer-facing services or products on vapourware technology that may never reach launch. From where I sit - as a so would love to be active LiveCode web apps developer - it seems that the revServer early adopters have been funding iOS development.</rant>

Still, I live in hope...
On 17 Feb 2011, at 19:38, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> I just re-read the product page and think I see now where the misunderstanding happens. The server product does currently do HTML + CSS + irev. The mention of stacks at the bottom of the product page could be misleading though.
> There have been requests that irev should use stacks as code libraries, just as we can on the desktop with "start using stack x" or "library stack x". The intention is to add that ability so that you can drop a library stack onto the server, start using it, and it's stack script will be available to irev handlers. Currently we need to write LiveCode scripts as text files and use "includes" for that. So that's what they mean by "LiveCode stack support intended for the first shipping version."

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