RevServer deployment on OSX Server

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Thu Feb 17 14:38:31 EST 2011

On 2/17/11 12:03 PM, Keith Clarke wrote:

> However, isn't this 'thick client' web application architecture,
> (with the proprietary revlet download and requisite local
> machine/browser support by a rev plug-in) only one revServer
> scenario?


> According to the RunRev product page, it is still being positioned as
> an enabler of HTML+CSS+irev capabilities within a standard browser to
> create, platform-independent cloud-based applications.
> Or am I missing the point completely?

I just re-read the product page and think I see now where the 
misunderstanding happens. The server product does currently do HTML + 
CSS + irev. The mention of stacks at the bottom of the product page 
could be misleading though.

There have been requests that irev should use stacks as code libraries, 
just as we can on the desktop with "start using stack x" or "library 
stack x". The intention is to add that ability so that you can drop a 
library stack onto the server, start using it, and it's stack script 
will be available to irev handlers. Currently we need to write LiveCode 
scripts as text files and use "includes" for that. So that's what they 
mean by "LiveCode stack support intended for the first shipping version."

Probably the wording should be revised on the product page to make the 
intention clearer.

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