Call for Linux crashers

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 17 10:30:04 EST 2011

Last week I discovered a crashing issue with LC on Linux, in which 
setting the width of a field which has both vertical and horizonal 
scrollbars active below 14px would cause LC to die instantly:

Thankfully, Mark Waddingham was able to confirm that quickly, and we can 
hope that'll be addressed in an upcoming build.

Once I found the specific recipe, it wasn't hard to build in a 
workaround to prevent the crash by simply coding so that the field is 
never too narrow.

This got me thinking about the other crashers folks have noted here before.

Unfortunately, the reports at RunRev's RQCC don't include all such 
issues, and there's so much noise in that DB (duplicate reports, 
long-since-resolved issues, simple misunderstandings of feature 
implementation, RTFM) that relying on a search there for "Linux" doesn't 
give me confidence that I'll find everything that may affect our work on 
that platform.

So I'm posting this as an invitation to those here to deploy to Linux or 
plan to this year:

Let's catalog any and all crashing issues you have with LiveCode on 
Linux, and if they're not in the RQCC I'll submit them, and if they are 
I'll see if we can pin down a recipe and hopefully even a workaround, 
and add those notes to the RQCC entry for it.

If you have other non-crashing issues I suppose we can look at those as 
well, and with any luck we may be able to find workarounds for many of 
them just as I found with the field width issue.

Unless the other members of this list object, I feel this effort is 
on-topic enough to warrant happening here on this list, provided such 
discussion is succinct and to the point.

If the other readers here disagree I suppose we can migrate the 
discussion to the Linux section of the forums, but there are a lot of 
Linux users here who aren't there so I'd prefer to keep it here if 
that's no trouble for those who don't currently deploy to Linux.

Thank in advance for your help on this -

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