Can a revlet intereact with a rev server database?

Kevin Stallibrass kevin at
Wed Feb 16 16:25:18 EST 2011

> From: Andre Garzia <andre at>


> This works fine up to a point. The issue is that I can't see a way of 

> grabbing the user id from the server or making an entry on the 

> database via the revlet. - Is it possible?



yes it is, the revLet can talk directly to the database thru revDB calls
(not industry best practice) or you can create a middleman using RevServer
where your revlet talks with an .irev file who talks to the DB (best
practice, it does not expose your db on the web).


Thankyou for you help Andre, I will look into revDB calls now but leave
Javascript till I have a little more time




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