Finding the LiveCode executable

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Wed Feb 16 14:26:13 EST 2011

Doesn't get by the problem of a munged registry, but this should work to
give you the location. (there are multiple keys that could work for this in
the registry, this one should be fine)


C:\Program Files (x86)\RunRev\LiveCode 4.5.3\LiveCode.exe,1

No longer have a mac so can't help there.

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 11:18 AM, Devin Asay <devin_asay at> wrote:

> Hello LiveCoders,
> I have a standalone from which I want to launch a stack in the LiveCode
> IDE. Most of the time the 'launch document' command works perfectly for
> this. But if the user has not associated the .rev or .livecode extension
> with an application, (or if there is a Windows registry problem) this method
> fails. As a backup I can attempt a launch <path to application> command, but
> that only works if you know, well, the path to the LiveCode .app on mac or
> the .exe on Windows. Now it's fairly simple to discover the default install
> locations, but what if the user has installed LC in a non-standard location?
> Is there a reliable way across platforms to discover where
> LiveCode[version].app (Mac), LiveCode.exe (Win), or the LiveCode executable
> (Linux) is installed?
> Thanks,
> Devin
> Devin Asay
> Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
> Brigham Young University
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