[OT] Apple at it again

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Wed Feb 16 12:37:41 EST 2011

If vendors do not like the deal, they don't have to sign the contract. If users do not like Apple practices, they can avoid buying the product. Isn't free enterprise grand? We can vote with our wallets! What will NOT by ANY means change one daggum thing however, is bashing Apple on a list no one outside of us reads. And frankly, the assumption that a corporation owes any consideration to anyone who buys nothing from them seems rather totalitarian in it's own right. Don't you think? 

Just my 2¢. 

The Devil's (erm I mean Steve Jobs') Advocate

On Feb 16, 2011, at 9:27 AM, Richmond wrote:

> Well . . .
> Either APPLE are slow learners and they don't realise how this sort of
> move followed by a retraction makes them look unstable from a policy
> point of view.
> Or . . .
> APPLE knows very well what it is playing at; attracting our attention
> and then appearing to give way when that is what it intended to do all
> along.
> Whatever; I, for one, have 2 manipulative kids of my own, and teach another
> however many; and have really got past taking these antics terribly seriously;
> knowing, that rather like 99% of University students who start posing around with
> their "anarchy", "communism" and so on, they will all end up toeing the thin, fairly boring
> line when they find that food both in the fridge and the stomach is not a bad thing.
> Steve Jobs (for all his Veganism) and all of his employees all need to eat.
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