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Klaus on-rev klaus at
Wed Feb 16 10:21:07 EST 2011

Hi Richmond,

> Umm . ..
> so I have a field [called fld "TEKST"]full of text and I select some of it with my mouse
> I then click on a button that contains the following script:
> on mouseUp
>    copy the selected of fld "TEKST"
> end mouseUp
> nix!
> now, I've tried "the selectedText" and "the selectedChunk" to no avail . . .
> Please advise

the NY-Easy-Teenie-Remix version:
on mouseUp
end mouseUp

A more sophisticated (verbose) solution:
on mouseup
  set the clipboarddata["text"] to the selectedtext of fld "TEKST"
end mouseup




Klaus Major
klaus at

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