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Tue Feb 15 10:56:56 EST 2011

On Feb 15, 2011, at 8:41 AM, John Dixon wrote:

> Could some please point me in the right direction...
> I
> would like to use the browser object in a stack to display a google
> map… that I can do. I would like to be able to choose a postcode or  
> the
> name of a town or village from a list in a field in the stack to place
> the two markers, showing the start and finish location, get the
> direction drawn on the google map and the total distance put into
> another field in the stack...
> If someone could point me in the
> the right direction (no pun intended !) of how to go about doing this
> from within LiveCode… it would be appreciated as I don't know really  
> where to start..

Here is a function I have used to fetch the total distance between two  
addresses from Google maps. The function returns the distance without  
displaying any map, but you could play with the script to also display  
the map.


function getMileage
    put "" & \
           "origin=<tOrig>&destination=<tDest>&sensor=false" into tURL
    put fld "from" into tStart
    put fld "to" into tEnd
    replace "<tOrig>" with urlEncode(tStart) in tURL
    replace "<tDest>" with urlEncode(tEnd) in tURL
    put URL tURL into t
    put lineoffsets("<distance>",t) into startSect
    put item -1 of startSect into startSect
    put lineoffsets("</distance>",t) into endSect
    put item -1 of endSect into endSect
    if startSect = 0 or endSect = 0 then
       exit to top
    end if
    put line startSect+1 to endSect-1 of t into tSect
    put lineoffset("<text>",tSect) into dLine
    if dLine = 0 then
       exit to top
    end if
    put sr(line startSect + dLine of t) into tMiles
    --   <text>3.6 mi</text>
    replace "<text>" with empty in tMiles
    delete word -1 of tMiles
    return tMiles
end getMileage

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
pmbrig at

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