Stackfiles followup

Monte Goulding monte at
Mon Feb 14 22:57:27 EST 2011

>>> However, it looks like I have some wholesale changes to make to get my stackFiles working correctly with regard to my behavior scripts.  The buttons that hold the behavior scripts are in a substack.  I've included the name of the behaviors substack and it's main stack in the stackfiles, both pointing to the same file path but the behaviors still aren't recognised by the controls that point to them.  I tried putting just the main stack into stackFiles and adding the statement "open stack "xyzsub of stack "xyz"  - the behaviors still aren't recognised.

Hi Peter

I just tested using the stackfiles property as the sole reference for behaviors (both those on a substack of a separate stackfile and on a mainstack of a separate stackfile) and it worked perfectly so there must be something else going on. Both stackfiles were in a stackfiles subdirectory where the engine wouldn't normally find them. One important thing about behaviors is the engine has to find them before opening the stack they are used on.



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