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Mon Feb 14 18:29:12 EST 2011

It is my experience that when connecting to web based SQL servers, that they drop you themselves after a period of idle time. This is of course, to prevent someone from running a kind of DDOS on your SQL server. 

Unless you control the server, you cannot disable this. I agree with the assessment that you should open the database connection, do your business, and get out. Some will say you shouldn't even be connecting directly to an SQL server over the internet, but that point has been hashed and rehashed before so I won't re-rehash it here. 


On Feb 14, 2011, at 2:38 PM, Paul Dupuis wrote:

> I can think a few way to construct a "keep-alive" process to ensure that a connection to a MySQL database via the LiveCode database drivers doesn't time out. However, it occurs to me that folks who spend more time writing LiveCode MySQL applications than I may have come up with a "best" way to keep the connection from timing out, so I thought I would ask the list. An idle loop would do it, but using idle is not a "best" approach.
> Any "best" approaches out there that someone cares to share?
> Thanks!
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