Valentine's Day Special: Save 40% on Valentina Reports; Valentina Reports to Support SQLite

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Mon Feb 14 16:30:31 EST 2011

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SAVE 40% on Valentina Reports

Valentine's Day is Valentina Day, so we have a great one day offer for
Valentina ADK for Revolution / LiveCode users - save 40% on upgrading to a
reports option. Read the note above too if you don't own any ADK or VDN and
want to get in on this deal.  With Valentina Studio Pro (included!), you
design your reports visually and bind them to your data source. You can then
deploy your reports enabled applications. A quick feature set:

    * Valentina Studio Pro. Build graphically rich report designs in
Valentina Studio Pro and preview reports with live data. Use Report Wizard
to rapidly set up data sources, data in regions, field options, layout
formats and more.
    * Rich, XML PDF Reports. Automatically generate business ready,
formatted  PDF reports with embedded XML, automatically assigned passwords
and permissions.
    * Expressions and Macros. Type in easy expressions like "=price1+price2"
and macros like $(pagetotal) to accelerate the creation of dynamic reports.
    * From SQL to Report. Valentina SQL can return a report right into a
BLOB field of a cursor. This opens access to reports for such standard APIs
as ODBC, and allows to create reports...
    * Export Reports for Web, Print. Make your reports immediately useful to
your users by exporting in a variety of presentation formats: HTML, JPG,
PNG, LaTeX, text and more.
    * Sub-Reports. Combine multiple sub-reports into a single main report
presentation; generate reports from multiple sources and display them side
by side.
    * Charts and Graphs. Build applications that produce rich charts and
graphs from numeric, financial, statistical and business data from your
Valentina database.
    * Barcodes. Use 36 industry standard barcodes, such as ISBN, EAN,
Pharmacode, POSTNET and more and from within your Valentina DB enabled

Valentina Reports Shows Some Love to SQLite

We are also extending Valentina Reports to support other database systems,
the first being SQLite. Valentina Studio Pro is already a very functional
admin tool for working with SQLite databases as well as native Valentina DB
format. The first beta for LiveCode / Revolution should be available in the
next few weeks (its already working in a beta of another product that shall
not be named).

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

Valentina SQL Server: The Ultra-fast, Royalty Free Database Server 

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