tooltip problem

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Feb 14 14:12:01 EST 2011

When I try a simple test here, the tooltip seems to update as expected, even
with an unlocked field (cursor changes to ibeam).

on mouseMove
   set the toolTip of me to value(the mouseLine) / 12
end mouseMove

By any chance are you testing with the pointer tool selected because you'll
only get the tooltip with the browse tool active (and you need to hover for
a second over the field).


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX Design

Recently, dunbarx at wrote:

> I want to use the tooltip to display information. I have a field with numbers
> in each line.
> I want to display the number in a line divided by 36. So if I have 72 as a
> value in the line, I would like the tooltip to read "36". Easy, right:
> on mouseMove
>    put the mouseLine
>    set the toolTip of me to the value of the mouseLine / 36
> end mouseMove
> I get a dynamic value for the mouseLine as I move the cursor over various
> lines in the field (this was just a check)
>  but the only toolTip I get is when I enter the field. That line responds
> fine, but no other values appear as I move
> the mouse to other lines. I have to exit the field and re-enter at another
> line to see any change. I tried changing toolTipDelay.
> Nothing helps. The toolTip is correctly set as I move around the field ( I
> check it with a mouseLeave handler). It just does not display dynamically. And
> there
> is no "upDateToolTip" command.

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