Performance Issues On Linux

David C. davidocoker at
Sat Feb 12 19:33:47 EST 2011

Richard asked:
> Is the data stored in props or fields?
> Also, what are the specs on your system (CPU, RAM, OS, etc.)?

Hey Richard,
I have the majority of the data (plain text) stored in about 70
fields, ranging from 2kb to 252kb in size. I also have one list field
control that contains around 70 or so custom properties. Each of the
custom properties contain lines of 1 to 3 digit numerical data,
ranging from 1 to 150 lines in each property.

As mentioned previously, other than the data contained in two list
field controls as either "content" or custom properties, the remainder
of the text only comes into play one file at a time.

The system is a middle of the road 2.4Ghz Toshiba laptop. It has an
AMD QL65 dual core processor and 3GB of ram with 200+ GB of free space
along with 8GB of swap space.. The O/S is the latest version of Linux
Mint (Ubuntu derivative) running the 2.6.3 kernel. The desktop manager
is Gnome 2.32.

It's not any kind of "secret project" or anything, so if you want a
copy of the stack in question, let me know and I'll get it uploaded
somewhere and send you a link off list.

Best regards,
David C.

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