AW: How do you manage lots of imported images?

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Fri Feb 11 02:39:57 EST 2011

Hi Jacqueline,
an unplaced group! never thought that this could be done. I don't know, if I
will use this approach, but good to know this trick!

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> On 2/10/11 4:36 AM, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> > Second. How do you organize your images, when you have a lot? Do you
> > extra cards only for holding images, which you assign to buttons, or do
> > import the images on the current cards? What are your experiences?
> I've done it different ways, but lately I mostly do this:
> If there are only a few images, I put them on the cards they belong to.
> If images are used on many cards, I usually put them all on one card.
> If I have more than four or five images, I put them into a group. Then I
> remove the group from the card so that it is not placed anywhere. This
> is how imported HyperCard stacks do it, and it works well. You can put
> all your images into an unplaced group, and they are available to the
> entire stackfile, and they never show anywhere.
> The disadvantage of the group method is that if you want to change any
> of the images, you must place the group on a card so you can edit it,
> and then remove the group from the card when you are done. I don't mind
> that because the group method keeps the images out of my way and doesn't
> clutter up the cards or the app browser, and I usually don't need to
> change the images very often.
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