OT: JDBC Database access - Simple Reporting Tool

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Feb 10 23:59:24 EST 2011

  One of the departments here at HQ which is responsible for maintenance 
(vehicular fleet, all appliances in all buildings, electrical, plumbing, 
grounds, a dozen farm vehicles, full welding and machine shop  etc...it 
not the white house but it's still huge...) is using MA CMMS, a 
professional JAVA script Maintenance program on his Mac. which is acting 
as a server also to everyone else on the LAN 

This is a very well designed program... well, almost-- the silly thing 
has no way to get out custom reports. It's using Apache Derby and  the 
GUI layer talks to the dBase using JDBC. The manager of that department 
asked if I could help him. MA CMMS recommends JASPER for getting reports 
from Derby, he successfully installed it and we have access to the 
schema, tables, fields...  but it is so much over head just to get a 
simple list from a simple SQL query. And the query builder tools are 
complicated and buggy, and reports require you to build export 
templates... he's going to waste a huge amount of time just to get  
simple "raw" tab delimited  lists of e.g. (use case he told me about 
today) itemized list of all repairs and the cost for the repair on all 
the vehicles and mobile equipment (our town car, pickup truck, van, 
riding mowers, John Deere tractor, Caterpiller skid steer etc) in the 
fleet for the year. It's mostly for financial analysis and reporting and 
doesn't need any eye candy.

  I'm spoiled by LiveCode's ease of talk to dBases and PHPMySQL admin.. 
but we can't find anything like this for Apache Derby Dbase.

I don't think that LiveCode can do JDBC...

  We looked on line for tools that can "talk Derby dBase on OS X" but 
did not find anything suitable, free and simple.

Any ideas?


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