a praise for RevIgniter

Web Admin Himalayan Academy katir at hindu.org
Thu Feb 10 23:41:29 EST 2011

  On 2/10/11 8:09 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:
> In both companies we're using CodeIgniter (PHP) to build custom tools.
> At DevaCode we're building one custom contract with RevServer +
> RevIgniter (that is my single server project with them right now).
> Since both frameworks are very similar, our experience is somewhat
> transferable between the two.
> I prefer coding in LiveCode than in PHP anyday but the sheer amount of
> libraries and documentation for PHP sometimes makes it a better
> choice.
I guess my next question then is obvious: which will best for us. I 
really don't want to go with PHP and I think we can find solutions to 
any development need we may have using livecode.

Next week we start designing the new HA web site look and feel, then we 
will start porting page over to the new design (this will be coming as 
one of your projects) and we will need to have our database functional 
on the back end... (sadhunatha will be coming here soon to start on this 
and you will also be involved)

So, then the question will come for us (you and me mostly) for the page 
assembly "layer" i we should go with RevIgniter or PHP.

My own sense is that we could port the entire HA web site over to 
RevIgniter much faster.  The current DOM is fairly consistent, and 
should be easily parsible.

Then we leave TAKA running under WordPress (i.e. mix and match).

Most of the "cools stuff" that Palaniswami will want to do later 
(rotating content, hide and show data, eBooks etc.) are all on the 
presentation layer anyway, and the heavy lifting will be in the 
Javascript and while serving up the underlying content will not be that 

The later on, we will face the challenge of parsing our eBook files to 
dig out content more "atomic" distribution, and LiveCode it think is a 
much better environment for crunching text content, which is a major 
component of everything we do.

om shanti

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