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Thu Feb 10 16:12:32 EST 2011

Hi Björnke,

Am 10.02.2011 um 21:59 schrieb Björnke von Gierke:

> I told you it's possible. please stop saying it is not.

Please calm down!

See my link to the according bugzilla enhancement request:

This is not prossible, since there is no RevAddFolderToarchive 
or something and therefore Bill added this feature request :-)

But with a lot of work one can make it look, smell and feel like it, agreed?

> It's hard and unwieldily and neither you nor i want to do it, but nontheless it is possible to do it.

See above...

> see also this non-complete example by trevor:

I already read this and saved it for later use.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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