a praise for RevIgniter

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Thu Feb 10 13:09:36 EST 2011

Hello Swami,

DevaCode was formed by me and my friends some long time ago but I had
to move out because of pressing financial problems (marriage is a
costly thing). Now, I am back working with them on common projects
when there is time. We do a lot of co-working and projects together.
It is a wonderful place to be with friends from long time and even
when I am working my own private jobs, sometimes, I do it from
devacode office where the tea is always plenty and company is good. It
gets tiresome developing alone at my house where I wake up and sleep
as well, sometimes, you just need to get out.

> Question: is your new company going to use RevIgniter for web contracts of
> PHP/Code igniter?
> Refers to the spam company or your new devacode.com company?
> I know you keep saying "I can do anything"
> But, which do you prefer?

In both companies we're using CodeIgniter (PHP) to build custom tools.
At DevaCode we're building one custom contract with RevServer +
RevIgniter (that is my single server project with them right now).
Since both frameworks are very similar, our experience is somewhat
transferable between the two.

I prefer coding in LiveCode than in PHP anyday but the sheer amount of
libraries and documentation for PHP sometimes makes it a better
choice. PHP has more momentum and developer base, so, for certain
situations it is a wiser choice. Sometimes, such as the spamming
company, my boss has the final say and for him, anything that is not C
or PHP is not worth pursuing... now, when I am in control, I evaluate
my options and usually LiveCode wins but not always, sometimes, you
need the power to fork()..


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