a praise for RevIgniter

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Feb 10 12:43:10 EST 2011

  ! Devacode.com !

that's cool... Wow... you have been keeping secrets from me (smile)

FYI retreat here... I've had continuing discussions with everyone, but 
can't pick up the thread on our discussion until Saturday or Sunday..

Question: is your new company going to use RevIgniter for web contracts 
of PHP/Code igniter?

  In this memo, I can't tell what you mean

"I am building our own

tools in PHP with CodeIgniter at a fast pace because my previo
experience with LiveCode and a similar framework."

Refers to the spam company or your new devacode.com company?

I know you keep saying "I can do anything"

But, which do you prefer?


On 2/9/11 3:07 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:
> Folks,
> As some here know, I work half of the week at a company doing PHP work
> where I maintain and further develop an old codebase used to send
> marketing campaings and newsletters by email. Our code is very
> convoluted because the previous 3 programmers had an XGH mentality. I
> will not enter my infinite rant loop talking about those guys that
> came before me and instead I will focus on something else. Here we
> deal with some absurd huge datasets. Some of our multiple databases
> weight 5 terabytes, we have a database with more than 10 thousand
> tables and millions and millions of records. Most of my day is spent
> hunting for bad records for we don't actually have good administration
> tools here for our daily work. We have some admin interface to our
> system but we don't have tools focused on development and maintenance
> of the system so when something goes wrong is is a pain.
> The other half of the week and nights, I usually work my freelance
> contracts and also works with my friends on our startup
> (www.devacode.com.br) which right now is suffering the disease of the
> youth which is trying to do too many different things at once but at
> least it is succeding in some and making us proud. There and on my
> freelance works, I tend to use RevIgniter which is a marvelous web
> development framework for RevServer. I must say that the documentation
> for RevIgniter is waaaayyyyy better than ANY DOCUMENTATION for another
> LiveCode tool or even for LiveCode itself. It is just Great! Now let
> us get back on topic...
> Back at the PHP company, my boss finally agreed with me that we needed
> some tools for our own development practices. It can take up to 10
> minutes to find something at that database when all you have is
> phpMyAdmin to deal with those elephant size databases. Opening a 10k
> tables database in phpMyAdmin is an adventure. Here, I can't use
> RevServer, my boss will simply not allow any LiveCode application.
> I've built some LiveCode tools for my own use here but for the tools
> that he want us both to use, he wants PHP. So I went shopping for some
> PHP web framework and decided to give CodeIgniter a try. When Ralf
> created RevIgniter, he was inspired by CodeIgniter, I knew that but I
> wasn't sure how similar they were. Heck they are so similar that
> except for the fact that one is doing PHP and the other LiveCode, the
> rest is absolutely the same. It took me half an hour to check out some
> of the syntax for CodeIgniter and then, all my knowledge from
> RevIgniter was instant transferable. I knew how to organize stuff and
> where to look in case something went wrong. I am building our own
> tools in PHP with CodeIgniter at a fast pace because my previous
> experience with LiveCode and a similar framework. Now that I am deep
> into CodeIgniter, I can appreciate RevIgniter even more. It is quite
> hard to achieve that kind of quality.
> If anyone here is doing web with RevServer, consider using RevIgniter,
> your code will be eaiser to deal with and lots of things come bundled
> for free.
> Links of interest:
> http://www.revigniter.com
> http://www.codeigniter.com

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