use-livecode Digest, Vol 89, Issue 16

Tuviah Snyder tuvman at
Wed Feb 9 10:14:43 EST 2011

 This makes it sound like the only major difference is that RunRev runs on
more platforms

Tell me does supercard have these yet

Database support
Web browser control
associative arrays?

I would think XML is pretty crucial in application development in this day
and age.


> --------------------------------
> considering the other 90% it never ceases to amaze me that Supercard hasn't
> attempted
> to go cross-platform, while Livecode has.
> Had they done that, or were they to do that now, RunRev would have to look
> to their laurels,
> and the stimulus of serious competition might result in some long-standing
> bugs and gripes
> being ironed out in RunRev.

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