Obtaining the public IP of a computer...

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Wed Feb 9 09:08:46 EST 2011

I don't know of one.

I'll go further - there is not, and cannot be, one.

Your "public IP address" is assigned for you by the last NAT step 
between your private network where your machine lives and the public 
Internet. Note there may be more than one NAT step, and there may be 
more than one router hop between you and the NAT function. So the 
address can only be correctly returned to you by either the last NAT box 
or by a host on the public side of it. A NAT box cannot (except by some 
horrible hackery) tell whether or not it is the last NAT step, so that 
leaves only a pubic host/service.

-- Alex.

On 09/02/2011 13:35, Paul Dupuis wrote:
> Okay, great suggestions from folks to use a hosted service to return 
> the public IP of the computer a LiveCode app is running on, but, I 
> have to ask because I am now curious, does anyone know of a way to do 
> this that is not dependent upon a hosted service?

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