OSX cmd & alt modifiers on left and right arrow keys in text

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at clarkeandclarke.co.uk
Wed Feb 9 05:13:52 EST 2011

Hi folks,
IIRC Every native OSX text manipulation app on any Mac I've used, has the 'alt' key change cursor movement granularity to word-level and the '⌘/cmd' key to line-level. In the LiveCode IDE and OSX stand alone apps (such as ScreenSteps), the 'alt' key is ignored (granularity remains at character-level) and the 'cmd' key works at word-level. This gets rather annoying when working across apps. 

Is there any particular reason why the LiveCode IDE (on OSX) and OSX stand alone apps don't follow this standard (is it even a standard?) behaviour for OSX modifier keys affecting left and right arrows when working with text? 

Can I set something in my LiveCode preferences to change this setting - ideally in the IDE but at least for any OSX stand alone apps?

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