Drag and Drop

Thierry th.douez at sunnyrevtalk.com
Tue Feb 8 13:44:23 EST 2011

Le 8 févr. 2011 à 15:56, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> The only problem I can find with this approach is that it "snaps back" the dragImage to the source, even though the allowDrop has been set to true.
>  if anyone here knows a reliable way to prevent that I'm be most grateful.

Hi Richard,

I add one more  line in your mousedown  script.
See below

Please, let me know if it works.


on mouseDown
  put the long id of me into tObj
  export snapshot from tObj to tVar as PNG
  set the width of img 1 to the width of tObj
  set the height of img 1 to the height of tOBj
  set the visible of img 1 to false
  put tVar into img 1
end mouseDown

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