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Tue Feb 8 13:06:12 EST 2011

On 02/08/2011 06:00 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Bob Sneidar wrote:
> > I wonder how far back on the Time Machine scale you would have to
> > put the Supercard Era? Or a more relevant question might be, can
> > you accurately carbon date a Supercard CD (or floppy disk??), or
> > have there been any excavations of them to work with?
> Au contraire - SuperCard is alive and well.
> Here's an overview of new features in v4.7:
> <>
> Integration with QuickLook, Coverflow, Spotlight, and other OS 
> services like OS X's multi-lingual spelling checker are just a few of 
> the 60 new enhancements in this latest version, which also includes 
> support for these styled-text file formats: Word, WordML, HTML, 
> webarchive, RTF, RTFD, and PDF.
> As an exclusively-Mac tool, SC does an arguably better job of 
> providing pixel-perfect object rendering per the Mac HIG.
> While my clients' and customers' need for multi-platform deployment 
> has prevented me from using it for most of my work in recent years, 
> SuperCard remains an excellent tool for OS X and if I could afford to 
> deliver exclusively to that one platform I'd probably still be using 
> it today.  But alas, I need to support the other 90% of the world too.

considering the other 90% it never ceases to amaze me that Supercard 
hasn't attempted
to go cross-platform, while Livecode has.

Had they done that, or were they to do that now, RunRev would have to 
look to their laurels,
and the stimulus of serious competition might result in some 
long-standing bugs and gripes
being ironed out in RunRev.

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>  Richard Gaskin

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