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Tue Feb 8 11:00:20 EST 2011

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > I wonder how far back on the Time Machine scale you would have to
 > put the Supercard Era? Or a more relevant question might be, can
 > you accurately carbon date a Supercard CD (or floppy disk??), or
 > have there been any excavations of them to work with?

Au contraire - SuperCard is alive and well.

Here's an overview of new features in v4.7:

Integration with QuickLook, Coverflow, Spotlight, and other OS services 
like OS X's multi-lingual spelling checker are just a few of the 60 new 
enhancements in this latest version, which also includes support for 
these styled-text file formats: Word, WordML, HTML, webarchive, RTF, 
RTFD, and PDF.

As an exclusively-Mac tool, SC does an arguably better job of providing 
pixel-perfect object rendering per the Mac HIG.

While my clients' and customers' need for multi-platform deployment has 
prevented me from using it for most of my work in recent years, 
SuperCard remains an excellent tool for OS X and if I could afford to 
deliver exclusively to that one platform I'd probably still be using it 
today.  But alas, I need to support the other 90% of the world too.

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