Working ScreenRect

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Feb 8 10:14:32 EST 2011

The working screenRect for Windows XP tells me that the XP taskBar is 30 
pixels fat:

put ((item 4 of the working screenRect) - (item 4 of the screenRect)) 
into fatness

and that for Windows ME, 98 and 95 it is 28 pixels.

I don't have access to Windows Vista or 7: would be most grateful if 
someone could
let me know the fatness of their respective taskbars.

I notice, oddly enough,

put the working screenRect

on my Mac Mini gives me 0,22,1680,1004


put the screenRect gives me 0,0,1680,1050

now I know the fatness of the mac menubar is 22; so how that gets into 
item 2, and what 1004 means
I just don't know.



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