Screen objects absolute size

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Feb 8 07:00:31 EST 2011


If I understand what you're proposing, I think you're facing a losing battle
here.  With so many possible settings for resolution and variations in pixel
density of screens, it's unlikely you'll be able to match the size of
objects across systems/screens.  The only (poor) option I was ever able to
come up with is manual calibration on the part of the user: they need to
hold some measuring device to the screen and either adjust their screen
resolution appropriately, or dynamically adjust the size of objects in a

Maybe someone else has another suggestion.


Scott Rossi
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Recently, David Glasgow wrote:

> I have a standalone that I want to make a good effort to make standard  the
> absolute size of objects on screen.
> Thus, a graphic 4 inches by 4 inches on one would be close to that on all
> others.  I recall that messing with screen resolution is deprecated, which
> means that even assuming it is possible to obtain the properties of the
> physical screen, I would have to think about dynamically scaling objects.
> Is this one of those things that sounds as though it should be easy but isn't?
> Best Wishes,
> David Glasgow
> Carlton Glasgow Partnership

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