How to send a number as a number or How to rule an LED

Claudi Cornaz claudi.c at
Sun Feb 6 16:12:52 EST 2011


There defenitly is hope. We can win that hill. It's also our's and we deserve to be there.

It looks like I have assembled quite a stable setup. A kind of basic framework which will first establish contact between 
the arduino and LC and for both sides the routines to recieve and deciever incomming date in any kind or form you like
and for both sides to send it out, also in any kind or form you like. 

I just came back from dinner and just to be sure I woke my iMac, Connected my arduino.
Switched to livecode and hit the connect button of my test stack and   ...   ...  
guess what, while typing this mail I can change the brightness of the led. (It get's send from the arduino
to livecode, which translates it and sends it back out to set the brightness of the LED)

I see in the livecode window in the background the in- and outgoing bytes roll by as I type. 
Heck I can change the brightness as I type. Now tomorrow, let's see how fast this puppy wil go.

The latest stableUseAtYourOwnRisk version is at:

Tom, let me know if it's working for you, I sure hope so, we wouldn't want to loose, not on any stinking hill. 
For me, it felt more like I was in the trenches, in the dark. I sure couldn't have done it without a LCD screen 
connected to the arduino. Otherwise I couldn't have known where which error occured. There were plenty
of possibility's: in my LC code, in the communication part, or in my complete lack of any knowledge of c, for instance.
Guessing what happens inside a black box is nasty. At least you need some form of signaling to check your communication.

I guess the mothership should really fix this driver issue. 
It's very sensitive and NO MERCY at all. One little mistake and your toast. 
I have been trying so many combinations and after many, many failures I finaly seem to have stumbled on to a 
working incantation. 

I haven't yet realy stressed tested this formula. At the moment the arduino scans the sensor every 
half second. In livecode I scan the buffer every 400 millisecs. Just a tad quicker then the arduino.
I use a baudrate of 38400. Once I have a stable configuration I will try how fast we can go, but for now I now this is working
so I leave it alone.

Tomorrow I will start putting the squeeze on this configuration. I want to be able to control the scanning speed of the arduino
with a slider on my LC card, and also to change the repeat for the the serial speed in LC to see at which point the shit hits the fan.

I sure hope it will be decent. I know I won't reach the possible speeds in the comming weeks. I am way to clumsy in coding
but I am curious to what speeds I can caox it. 
I just keep fidling the potentiometer, to realy convince myself it's still working and sure as hell, it does. I guess I'll sleep like
one happy kitten tonight.

Keep you updated tomorrow, hopefully with more good news.

All the best,

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