How to send a number as a number or How to rule an LED

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I know what you mean. I spend so much time, sometimes, tracking down a problem in my code that I just want to join the army and charge up a hill screaming "Kill, kill, kill" until someone jumps up and shoots me in the shoulder and the force of the shot spins me around and now I'm falling back down the hill flipping head over heals arms outstretched trying to hold onto what little ground I can sliding further and further down the hill and then I have to get up and charge back up the hill but this time my feet won't obey me and I'm just standing there trying to will my legs to "Move damn it, move" but they won't move and I'm bleeding more from my shoulder and then the enemy tops the rise and starts running down the hill shooting at me "tat tat taaat" but my legs are like rubber and I'm stuck and panic starts to set in and then Carrot Top runs by me but he's not Carrot Top cause he's all like buffed up and has huge muscles and he's like yelling at me "Feel the burn! Damn you! Feel the burn!" but wait, it is Carrot Top and he really is all pumped up and buff and I'm like... Whooaaa WTF ... and then I wake up...

Well, that's what my nightmare was like, anyway.

But yeah, thanks for the numtochar() that works. 


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On Feb 4, 2011, at 9:22 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> I had that problem when I was bringing up the MakeBoard as well. I was
> trying to send a decimal 192 to the board to initialize it. It took
> more days than I care to admit to figure out that rev was sending a
> three-character string to the device instead of a numeric 192 value. A
> simple numtochar(192) took care of things, but tracking it down was a
> nightmare.
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