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There are two types of binary data at least on the Mac.

1.  Is when you use 0 and 1's which is binary code to
represent the data.  For instance you can take these
words or numbers such as 125 and represent them
in binary code which would end up being a bunch of
0's and 1's.  In the serial stack I sent you if you click
on the info button and go to the bottom you will see
code you can put in buttons which will show you how
to transfer text, numbers of hexadecimal to binary or
vise versa.  The code will allow you to enter one char
number etc and then will transfer it to what you want.
To use it with more than one char you use a repeat
and can separate the result with commas or what you
want so you can get the value for each char.  i should
mention the stack I sent you does not have the field
locked so you can lock it and then click on the field
and it will close or you can see the edge of the info
button and click on it then it will close.  Another thing
about the stack is in the open port button the only
code you need is in the on MouseUp the other code
is related to something I was hacking that you is not
needed and you will see it was commented out with
a -- and does not access it.  The only variable you
need is the global thePort or whatever it is called
and the local variable is for the code you should
not waste time with.

2.  The other type of binary is something more of how
the file is written but it is not represented in binary
code of 0's and 1's.  In the stack I sent you look in
the read button next to the send field and you will
see code to save the file as a property or whatever
the proper word is and that saves it as a binary which
I was then allowing you to transfer the code as a
binary file if the File button at the bottom was checked.


On Feb 4, 2011, at 8:24 AM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> How is a binary update different from a text update with the serial protocols?
> What I mean is how do you send binary data from LC and why would you?
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