Image data in custom properties- fails in windoze standalone

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Feb 3 20:06:51 EST 2011

Recently, Tim Lambert wrote:

> Using 4.5.3 and have a single cd with 20 or 30 itms in a selectable list.
> Clicking on a line brings up the corresponding image by setting the imagedata
> to the corresponding custom prop of the cd. In OSX and on the iPad simulator
> this works fine. The standalone OSX also works fine, but the Windoze version
> just won't work (can't shift images)
> IS there a know problem with 4.5.3 windows standalones or is there just some
> arcane bug that I have to hunt down.
> Tim

Hi Tim:

You don't say what you're setting the imageData of (I assume it's some kind
of display image), but as an alternative, you might try storing the 'text'
of the image/s to be displayed, and reference the text property instead of
imageData.  It sounds odd, but the text property of an image can refer to
both its image and alphaData together.
To store image data:
 set the uImage1 of this cd to the text of img 1
 set the uImage2 of this cd to the text of img 2

Then to display stored data:
 set the text of img "myDisplay" to the uImage1 of this cd


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