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> Here's an outline of what I'm trying to do.  I've used a custom version of
> the default header behavior to display a popup menu when the user clicks on
> a datagrid header.  That all works fine. When The user selects a menu item
> from the popup, I have a menuPick handler in the script of the popup menu
> that processes the choice and that's where I need to get access the
> properties I mentioned.

What I do in these situations is store the object reference as a custom
property of the popup button before I display it.

on mouseDown
    set the uHeaderControl of button "Popup" to the dgHeaderControl of the
    popup button "Popup"
end mouseDown

Then in the menuPick handler you have access to the object.

on menuPick pChosen
    switch pChosen
        case "something"
            put the uHeaderControl of me into theHeaderControl
end menuPick



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