How to : print a A4 stack to an A4 pdf ??

FlexibleLearning admin at
Wed Feb 2 10:40:31 EST 2011

Hi Robert,

I just tried Windows XP
- 4.5(1080) with supplied revpdfprinter.dll dated Sep 2010
- 4.5.2(1150) with supplied revpdfprinter.dll dated Dec 2010

I also tried Mac OS X 10.6.6
- 4.5.2(1150) with supplied revpdfprinter.dll dated Dec 2010

All prints are as expected with no 2cm print offset in the output.

Maybe it's a 10.6.5 thing? Someone with 10.6.5 would need to run the script
and see if your results can be replicated.

Hugh Senior

-- Original message
Thanks a lot Hugh. Tried, I thought reset formatPrinting to false could have
helped.. but does not do the trick over here (mac os x 10.6.5 - liveCode 450
build 1080) - possible to check what version you tried it on??

[i modified my script And tried yours straight from the box]

I still get a blank space at the bottom as shows here :
Here is the correct pdf printed from the menu
Here is the faulty pdf printed from the script


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