[ANN] Revision to TimeMachine

Roger Guay irog at mac.com
Tue Feb 1 12:23:47 EST 2011

Thanks for your interest, Alejandro. Unfortunately, I no longer have easy access to a Windows machine, and so have not tested TimeMachine for that OS. But, I agree with Bob Sneidar in a subsequent post to "Try changing it to is or is not. I always use words instead of operators because it makes the code easy to read, and I don't run into these kinds of problems." 

I seem to recall that was my experience as well when I used to test for Windows. Thanks for refreshing my memory, Bob. I'll try to remember this in the future. Anybody know where I put my car keys??


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> From: Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at gmail.com>
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> Hi Roger,
> Many thanks for updating
> your stack with ideas
> proposed in this list.
> Have you test it in Windows?
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3834621/TimeMachine_screenshot.PNG
> When I open the stack on Windows, 
> I receive many warnings:
>     	compiling at 7:17:22 PM
> Type	if: missing 'then'
> Object	play
> Line	if gTP  eval then send "mouseUp" to btn "strtOvr"
> Hint		
> (Probably, you used a Mac Only character instead of <>)
> Cant find handler "clearFlds"
> Line: send "clearFlds" to stack "eventControl"
> How could I fix these warnings?
> Thanks in advance.
> Alejandro

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