Mac OS-X standalone from Windows machine

rh_galaxy huj56745 at
Fri Dec 30 13:08:51 EST 2011


I had the same problem. I wanted to build a valid release package (zip) for
linux and mac from windows of this game I've made and could not find any
tool to set the executable flag of a file within a zip from windows, so I
made my own tool to do this. I searched quite allot and could not believe
that a feature for setting this manually would not exist in any of the zip
programs i tested (like 7zip and so on).

The tool can be found in
"build/windows/zip_exec.exe" if anyone want to use it (tool source
included). It's a command line program so it works well in a batch script
for example.

This doesn't exactly solve the problem of having the flag set "when being
transfered to the OS-X..." since the flag never existed on windows in the
first place.

Hope this utility can help someone.


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