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Logitech has a great new webcam for about 100 bucks.


1080p and so sharp it hurts.

Get the audio off of the PA separately, however. Distant mics always suck
for music, no matter the quality.

However, it has no zoom and no mount for a tripod.

MAY I SUGGEST though, for the comfort of your viewers and the quality of
the presentation that you plan for a video input through firewire, using a
camera you can move around, and even switch views using multiple cameras
and hardware or software video switchers.     like
  (I use it and like it)

You can serve or bounce to your streaming provider using quicktime
Broadcaster (free), although the provider often supplies that part.

Expecting viewers to sit though a long musical presentation with no shot
variety is really a lot to ask, and if the camera doesn't move it's like a
security camera. So if you have just one camera, dedicate a dedicated
person that has no other task but to point it appropriately, with variety.
Keep the camera moving. That's why you see so many "shakey cam" shots in tv
shows -- it adds an air of verite' to the shot. They've even built special
mounts for the heavy Panavison cameras to mimic the unsteady movements of
cheap cameras.

Speaking of cameras, there are thousands of great DV video cameras out
there that were used once and then put in the closet after the wedding.
They show up on EBAY and craigslist all the time.  Look for ones that have
the original unused tapes and accessories included, and spend about $200,
and even though it's standard definition (720x680), the images are clean
and the cameras have decent lenses, with zoom and focus.


I have owned 6 of these. Eventually, the transports break down, but the
camera, viewfinder and monitor remain intact for much longer. The video
signal can then be routed through firewire to a computer.

here's a more pricey
3CCDs  and a great lens. But good god this thing went for thousands
not too long ago. Because of the lens, the image will still be better than
most of the cheap HD solid state cams, and more appropriate for shooting

good luck...

On 28 December 2011 11:54, Pete <pete at mollysrevenge.com> wrote:

> I'm involved in a project to stream a music concert live over the internet.
>  I've used streaming services before (not the least livecode tv with
> ustream) but this is a bit different.
> The main difference is that I need to use an external camera, not a built
> in one.  I just don;t think the image quality will be good enough to use a
> typical webcam.
> The issue that arises is finding a video camera that is capable of sending
> what it's seeing in real time to a laptop via Firewire or USB, whether or
> not it is recording it to whatever medium it uses.  Most of the streaming
> services have camera recommendations, but they are all miniDV cameras and,
> as far as I can tell, that technology is old enough that nobody makes
> cameras that use it any longer.
> I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any knowledge in this area?
> Thanks,
> --
> Pete
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