[OT] LIve Video Streaming

Pete pete at mollysrevenge.com
Wed Dec 28 14:54:01 EST 2011

I'm involved in a project to stream a music concert live over the internet.
 I've used streaming services before (not the least livecode tv with
ustream) but this is a bit different.

The main difference is that I need to use an external camera, not a built
in one.  I just don;t think the image quality will be good enough to use a
typical webcam.

The issue that arises is finding a video camera that is capable of sending
what it's seeing in real time to a laptop via Firewire or USB, whether or
not it is recording it to whatever medium it uses.  Most of the streaming
services have camera recommendations, but they are all miniDV cameras and,
as far as I can tell, that technology is old enough that nobody makes
cameras that use it any longer.

I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any knowledge in this area?


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