Crashing Ubuntu 11.10 with LC 4.5

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Dec 28 12:04:28 EST 2011

David C. wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 2:35 PM, Richard Gaskin
> <ambassador at> wrote:
>> In terms of design, it's almost as big a departure from earlier versions as
>> OS X is from Mac OS 9.  And as with my Mac experience, the transition was a
>> bit jarring at first, and I initially complained about not being as
>> productive.  But with both OS X and Unity, the more time I spend with the
>> new system the more I like it.
> Richard,
> How would you rate your experience/satisfaction level so far, as it
> applies to actual LC development using Unity?

Pretty much as with any other distro I've worked with:  under-the-hood 
operations (string manipulation, calculations) perform on par with other 
platforms, but some aspects of text rendering are noticeably slower.

And of course there's the lack of feature parity with other platforms 
RunRev supports, like missing externals, video playback as weak as on 
Windows, weak drag-and-drop support, and a few others.

These weaknesses in the Linux engine are especially ironic since 
MetaCard was born on Unix and historically maintained good parity as new 
platforms were added, and moreover the Linux engine costs twice as much 
as other platforms while delivering less. :\

That said, overall few of these affect my work (except video playback, 
which also also hinders opportunities for my Windows apps), so for most 
projects I'm able to do what I need to do on whatever platform I happen 
to be using that day.

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