Crashing Ubuntu 11.10 with LC 4.5

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon Dec 26 12:49:39 EST 2011

I suppose I had better start with a confession:

Having been in dependency hell for about 2 months I have installed 
UBUNTU 11.10 on my main machine
and am running Unity 2D on it. If one uses Avant Window Navigator one 
can very nearly avoid all the
bumf that comes along with Unity. Still fairly cheesed-off with Unity, 
GNOME 3 and the fact that there has been no consideration for those who 
like GNOME 2 (after all, why not just keep it in the repositiories as an 

Now, re my last post about keeping LC windows on-screen:

having posted the script that I made first of all, I decided that 
putting the stack slap-bang, dead-centre
everytime it strayed slightly off-screen was pretty awful, so I changed 
the code to this:

on moveStack
    put the short name of this stack into THSTK
     if the left of stack THSTK > (item 1 of the screenRect) then
       set the left of stack THSTK to (item 1 of the screenRect)
    end if


end moveStack

and when I dragged my stack it froze the Ubuntu 11.10 interface 
completely, disabled the mouse
and so forth; the only way out of this was either to jump on the button 
on the front of the computer
or yank the power cable out from the back: neither what one might choose 
in an ideal situation.

I don't have a desperate urge to try this out on either my PPC macMini 
or the Windows XP running in a Virtual Box setup; however, I do wonder 
whether the same sort of thing would happen.

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