5.0.2 startup woes

Fred Moyer fmoyer at aol.com
Sun Dec 25 15:31:36 EST 2011

Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn't work either. And "set the tool to browse" is just one command that isn't running correctly on startup with 5.0.2. Does anyone know why now with 5.0.2, preopenstack, startup and openstack suddenly don't work correctly when you start LiveCode by double-clicking on a stack? By the way, I do sense that version 5 starts up much quicker than 4, but maybe that has something to do with it -- maybe there are some steps it is skipping.

Note: I can get the browse tool to change if I set the stack script to this:

on openstack
    send "doOpenStackThings" to this stack in 10 ticks
end openstack

on doOpenStackThings
    set the tool to "browse"	
end doOpenStackThings

but I think something as basic as 

on openstack
 choose browse tool
end openstack

should work correctly without tortured scripts. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Thanks for any advice. 

Merry Christmas, fellow Revolutionaries and LiveCoders!

On Dec 24, 2011, at 1:00 PM, use-livecode-request at lists.runrev.com wrote:

> Try :
> set the tool to "browse"
> HTH,
> Le 24 d?c. 2011 ? 07:30, Warren Samples a ?crit :
>> On 12/23/2011 11:40 PM, Fred Moyer wrote:
>>> Now with this new 5.0.2 that I just purchased, various startup, openstack and preopenstack commands do not implement -- that is they don't implement when I double-click on the stack while LiveCode is not running. (Everything works fine if LiveCode is already running.) But, for example, if you make a stack that simply consists of a stack script that says:
>>> on openstack
>>>  choose browse tool
>>>  beep
>>> end openstack
>>> If you double-click on the stack with LiveCode not running, and 5.0.2 starts up, does the tool change to browse tool? In my computer (Mac), it doesn't -- but the computer does beep. Am I missing something really basic here? If I drag my new version 5.0.2 to the trash,  which leaves 4.6.4 to start up, and do the same thing, the tool switches to browse tool as it should. There are other startup issues suddenly going on in 5.0.2 which I don't understand.
>>> Can anyone advise?
>>> Thanks
>>> Fred

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