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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Dec 22 22:10:10 EST 2011

On 12/22/11 5:04 PM, Ralph DiMola wrote:
> Jacqueline,
> Thanks!!!!!
> Even when I set it up as you suggested, the lib stack is not available
> during the apps openCard script. The revopenstack message to the plug-in is
> behind the stack and card open/preopen messages of the app. Interestingly
> enough if I put an answer dialog in the openstack handler of the app the lib
> is available after I hit OK. Take out the answer dialog and the lib is not
> available until all the opens and propens are complete. Is this just the way
> the messages path crumbles? Or am I missing something? I will just put a
> "start using" in the apps preopen. That will fix it.

The "revPreOpenstack" message will be sent to your library stack when 
the IDE opens it immediately after startup. Your library should have a 
"revPreOpenstack" handler that just puts its stack in use, so it should 
already be available by the time your working stack opens. Did you 
restart LiveCode? That's when the IDE will load your library. If 
something else is going on (I'm a little confused about what's happening 
exactly) then just specifically putting it in use is fine too.

The plugin setup, of course, is an IDE-only thing. It won't work that 
way in a standalone.

> On the mobile front I trying to avoid putting MY_library.livecode as a copy
> file because that exposes my code (and encryption method) to prying eyes.
> The app stack seems to be buried and compressed somewhere in the apk and not
> easy to expose. Any Ideas on this????

Password protect the stack, which will hide its code. File inclusions 
are tucked into the apk too, so they won't be hanging around loose 
somewhere anyway. Of course, it isn't hard to undo an apk and see the 
files inside, but if your stacks are passworded then no one can read them.

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