iPad screenrecording: how?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Thu Dec 22 03:51:37 EST 2011

On 21/12/2011 17:56, William de Smet wrote:
> I want to make a screen recording of my new iPad app.
> How do you people do this?
> There are no iPad screen recording apps yet. Are there?

Screenflow does an excellent job of recording from the Mac screen, and can 
record internal or external audio at the same time.  So if your app produces 
reasonable quality audio through the simulator, this should be a very clean 

If you can't work with the simulator, I think there is a theoretical route to 
a 'perfect' capture: if you have an iPad2 (I think, or perhaps iPad1) running 
iOS 5, then you can use AirPlay to send both image and sound to an AppleTV 
unit.  Unfortunately the AppleTV only outputs HDMI: there are HDMI digitisers 
but they are quite expensive.  AFAIK there is no current way to receive 
AirPlay video on anything other than an AppleTV unit.


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