is among the words AND find words

Jim Hurley jhurley0305 at
Tue Dec 20 19:42:13 EST 2011

If the sentence:

  "Now is the time, for all good men."

is within the field "myField" , then

   find word "time" in field "myField" 

is successful. The word "time" is found despite the fact that it is not delimited with spaces on either side.


   "time" is among the words of "Now is the time, for all good men." 

returns false, since "is among the words" reads the comma after "time".  It requires the spaces on either side of "time" as delimiters.

Has this come up before and has it been suggest that this be an enhancement?

That is to say, it would be helpful if "is among the words" and "find word(s)" behave the same with respect to the space delimiter.

Or am I missing something?

Jim Hurley

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