Are the 'ask file' and 'answer file' stacks modal or not?

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Sat Dec 17 16:00:02 EST 2011

I notice that the windows (stacks) that open when 'ask file' and 'answer file' commands are executed have close boxes under Windows (not on Mac), but on the other hand the calling program's script is stopped until there is an action (pressing a button) in the file-handling window. Does this make them modal or not? I ask because I have only very recently learned (from Ken Ray) that modal stacks always open at the loc of the stack that invoked them; but it's easy to show that this does not happen, at least not on Windows XP Home (where the loc of the window appears to be variable and may be somehow related to the last time the command was called) or on Mac (where the window always appears at the loc of the monitor the calling stack was using). I admit that my latest tests were done from within the IDE (on Windows and on Mac) but it seems at least with Windows that much the same happens with a standalone.

I will now re-code Ken's method for positioning these stacks, but can anyone even guess at what is happening here, or maybe other people's mileage varies? I'm using LC 5.0.2 in all cases.


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