[OT] Ghostery

Web Admin Himalayan Academy katir at hindu.org
Thu Dec 15 23:39:19 EST 2011

Ditto that... and, is it just a placebo effec?t or am I actually seeing 
 Fire Fox is even loading pages faster now that I blocked everything. 
It feel like I'm not getting those delays as those widgets are 
downloading their JS and talking to their motherships in the background.

On Tue Dec 13 15:31:00 2011, Pete wrote:
> Thanks for introducing me to Ghostery - it's opened up a whole new world of
> tracking that I had no idea was going on.  A lot of sites use Google
> Analytics of course and I'm not inclined to block that since I've used it
> myself and found it very useful.  I don;t believe it keeps anything more
> intrusive than geographical data, but I could be wrong.

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